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Media and FA company man Gareth Southgate is now beginning to realise that managing the England football team is not all about being a liked man within football, nice little soundbites and being a decent bloke. If he did not know before,  it is about getting results in matches that matter, especially against inferior opposition as well as having a bit of tactical nous and making sure you can get… Read Article →

Best Ever England XL (In My Lifetime)

So it’s time to answer the burning question – the one that’s been keeping you up at nights. What is the greatest England team of the last 30 something years? As you might imagine, this post comes after yet another lengthy pub discussion regarding all time greatest players. Everyone has their opinions and all are equally valid, this one just happens to be mine. Just one caveat: in order for… Read Article →

Football 365 And Betting Offers: Hypocrisy Gone Mad!

We don’t have an issue with betting here at Football England. Do it or don’t do it, it’s up to you. We know that bookies are putting a lot of time, effort and money into advertising at football matches, but there’s no moral objection here. Equally, we’re fine with websites that choose to promote betting offers. There are plenty around, including some such as Latest Betting Offers that we use… Read Article →

10 German Bombers Chants Only For Classless Morons

If you attended the Germany v England game in Dortmund on Wednesday, and behaved in a way that properly represents our great country, then well done, and thanks for your support. If you attended and joined in the booing of the German anthem, and the braindead 10 German Bombers chanting, then you are a contemptible twat. I bet your mum’s really proud of you. I seriously cannot understand what the… Read Article →

Why Bother Picking Defoe?

Gareth Southgate’s first England squad since his permanent appointment was largely well received. I like the fact that he was prepared to call up players based on form and potential, but there’s one rather large elephant in the room. Why the hell would we want to recall Jermain Defoe? I know that Kane and Sturridge are injured. I also know that Welbeck has been out for about 6 years and… Read Article →

RIP Graham Taylor

Like much of the football community, we were saddened to hear of the passing of Graham Taylor this week. For England, his spell in charge was little short of a disaster. But as a club manager, he was an undoubted success. More importantly, as a person, he is unanimously regarded as one of the nicest men in the game. His treatment by the media, in particular the Scum – sorry,… Read Article →