10 German Bombers Chants Only For Classless Morons

If you attended the Germany v England game in Dortmund on Wednesday, and behaved in a way that properly represents our great country, then well done, and thanks for your support.

If you attended and joined in the booing of the German anthem, and the braindead 10 German Bombers chanting, then you are a contemptible twat. I bet your mum’s really proud of you.

I seriously cannot understand what the motivation is. You go to somebody’s country only to insult and provoke them, but all you succeed in doing is making yourself look like the dickheads you really are.

What would happen if visiting fans came to do that at Wembley? You’d be outraged no doubt. The poignant fact is that nobody does, because most other civilized countries are above that sort of thing. Why is it always us? I travel a lot, and at times I’m genuinely ashamed to be English. When someone asks where I’m from, the immediate temptation is usually to follow it with an apology, or to distance myself from the stereotype that dicks like that create.

Those people dismissing the chant as “just bantz, innit” need to go back to banter college, because they clearly didn’t graduate. A spokesman from the FSF put it best when he said:

Unfortunately little of the wit and imagination that goes into our club football songs is reflected at England games.

He’s right. This chant isn’t funny or clever. It doesn’t support our team, or even take the piss out of theirs. It just shows that a conflict that ended over 70 years ago is all we’ve got to sing about. It’s pathetic and embarrassing.

On a day that London suffered an appalling terrorist attack, countries around the world showed their solidarity and support. Germany lit up the Brandenburg Gate with the Union Jack as a symbol of their support. Our moron minority responded by booing their anthem and singing about a war they had absolutely no involvement in.

Oh yes, that’s right dickheads. “We” didn’t win the war. Our fathers and grandfathers did. You had no involvement. In fact, if we’d had to rely on cowardly scum like you, the result would likely have been very different. Those that did make the ultimate sacrifice didn’t do so just so that you could show the whole world that we’re a bunch of pricks.

If you recognise yourself from this footage, please don’t bother coming home. You will not be missed.

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