Steel to Trevor's silk (appreciation of Billy Bonds)

by Bobsherunkle

I was an active WHFC fan only from 1972-1976, but this gave me the chance to see the flowering of two of the best players ever to wear the claret and blue. In early 1974, when I saw the immortal Bobby Moore injured in his last game for the Hammers, the club were on the way out of the top flight. The team, the fans and no doubt the board had given up (I wouldn't like to suggest that Ron Greenwood had too, but he may have been losing heart by this stage.) Bonzo took over the captaincy, was top scorer for the season, and saved the club from relegation. It was a personal inspiration to me which I have never forgotten.

John Arlott famously picked a team of "the best cricketers who never played for England". If anyone attempts the same exercise for football, guess who should wear the no 4 shirt ...

PS besides Bill and Trevor, much respect to the third stalwart, Lampard senior. Think of this contrast in celebration - Rooney swears at the TV camera, Lampard danced round the corner flag - nuff said.

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