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Paul "the Scally" Jewell
Born 1964 Liverpool.
Height: 5' 9" Weight 14 stone 6 pounds

Fighting style: A down and dirty streetfighter. The Scally has got more underhand moves than Mick McManus, but unlike McManus doesn't sulk when you pull his ears.

Special Moves: "The Hubcap" - The Scally is always likely to have a hubcap handy which he uses like a deadly frisbee. A bit like Odd Job with his hat.

"The Snake Bite" - A good old fashioned Chinese burn perpetrated at close quarters. Usually applied after drinking a pint or two of the drink of the same name.

Profile: The Scally will be one the others need to keep an eye on at all times. Light fingered and light footed, he is a bag of tricks at all times.

The Scally is legendary in his local domain as an underworld figure.

He started young when he ousted his rival Jimmy "Macca" McMackamacklin from his post as dinner monitor at Tuebrook St Ringo's primary school.

With the money he made from dinner ticket fraud, he then went into "legitimate business" when he bought a clothing factory and invented the shell suit.

With sweat shop workers feverishly working around the clock to satisfy the nation's mad craving for flammable leisure wear, the Scally was already investing his wads of cash into the next big thing - Beany Babies.

It is alleged that Psycho's faithful companion Beany was rescued from one of Scally's horific "Beany-Dens".