Memories Of Tom Finney

Joseph wrote:

I never saw Tom Finney play in a league game, I only ever saw him play one friendly game. I was about 8 and he was 48, he sped down the wing and made a wonderful cross, in doing so he ran off the pitch and knocked me over. He picked me up, tapped me on the head and said "Are you alright son"! What a gentleman, what a player. Sir Tom is nearly 90 now and is still revered in Preston. He is a true living legend.

Mike Morrison wrote:

I was fortunate to be old enough to see Tom play for England and PNE during the late 40s and most of the fifties. I have no hesitation in saying his ability and skill as an all round player has never been bettered.
His lovely balance on the ball, his two footed ability; Remember, left winger for England, right winger for England and a 35 yrs of age centre forward for England and scored 30 goals.
No one since has ever come close to the lovely Tom Finney.

edward jowett wrote:

Tommy Docherty told me, personally, that when he was with preston ne, and an established scottish international, he asked the chairman of preston if he could be on the same terms as tom finney. without looking up from his desk the chairman said-'get out'-and left it at that. td also said that finney would be an automatic choice for the greatest GB team.
2. When Bobby Charlton scored his 1st England goal v scotland in '58. A superb volley- he said that all he could think was - "I've had a pass from Tom Finney". Tom Finney-what an example, what a man.

Albert Clayton wrote:

As a juvenile I was at North End's ground on match days at least an hour before the gates opened. As soon as I had paid my 9d I ran like a greyhound to sit on the railings next to the away team dugout. I can say with all honesty that I was almost always the first fan to enter the ground.
In one game, I think it was a cup game against Mansfield, Tom received a cut knee. He was given a wad of cotton wool to wipe away the blood. After about 10 minutes he threw it on to the side of the gravelly track - I pounced on it immediately and about a dozen more pounced on top of me. I kept that blood stained piece of cotton wool for years even though the blood had dried and had started to crumble. When I came out of the army in 1960 I asked my mother where it was. She said "Oh that nasty thing - I threw it on the fire." I was devastated.
In another game against Manchester City, I was fortunate enough to sit in the main stand. Tom got the ball about the edge of North End's penalty area - he ran through the oposition as if they weren't there beating at least 4 men on the way. At the edge of the 18 yard line he hit the ball so hard that Bert Trautman never saw the ball go past him. Cecil Parkinson recalled this when Tom appeared on "This is your life". After he had scored the crowd cheered for long after the re-start - we couldn't believe what we had just seen. Tom really was our idol.
He used to place the ball onto Charlie Wayman's head and Charlie did the rest. Although Charlie was the smallest centre forward in the division, he was the leagues' leading goal scorer for at least two seasons - all due to the magical Sir Tom. By the way, he was never booked or sent off during his career. He never retaliated even though he had some violent tackles made against him.
Bill Shankly, when asked who was the greatest footballer he had ever seen, said, It has to be Tommy Finney. (Bill called him Tommy) Bill Shankly was right - he was the best footballer that I have ever seen.

Noel Whyte wrote:

I was born in Northern Ireland, but also lived in Preston. My dad (Joseph Whyte) 19 Mona Street was a native of Preston.
Many times as a youth I saw Finney play. I still have two autographed black and white glossies of Tommy. One standing with his foot on the ball and one in a strikers pose.
I'm 63 years old now, and my dad is still alive, living in Calgary Canada. We often speak of Finney, Matthews and Best.
Those were the good old days.

richard ormisher wrote:

Sir Tom was the finest player ever to grace a football field, a man who lives on Blackburn Road told me about a couple of hundred times.