Memories Of Frank Blunstone

Rachel Cullen wrote:

My gran, Pauline Pennell, remembers Frank Blunstone kicking a ball made of paper and string in Bedford Street backsies in Crewe!

Ray Hill wrote:

Frank was a legend for Chelsea on the left wing. When he retired he opened a sports shop in the Wandsworth Road. I think it was called Olympic Sports, I bought a Chelsea shirt there in 1965 which was unheard of in those days.

jean scott (Millichip) wrote:

I remember Frank during his National Service/Chelsea days as like him I learnt to dance at the Bill and Anne Legge Dancing classes held above the King's Head hotel in Dorchester. I partnered him and together we managed to learn a pretty reasonable waltz, quickstep, foxtrot etc.
I have followed his career since with interest. Watched him play at Pompey.

John Nicol wrote:

Frank invited me to a trial at Chelsea back in the late 60's giving me an opportunity as a young left winger to follow his example of dynamic wing play as it was known back then.
Athough I didn't make the grade at the trials, Frank and his Chelsea colluegues made the day special for me and around thirty other excited young hopeful's and for this I will be forever grateful.

julie faulkner wrote:

I am a daughter of a cousin of frankie blunstone and my children love football and i am sure they follow in the footsteps of frankie. i would like to get in touch with him so that they know a bit more of him as a relative, if you could help it would make my children's day thank you. His cousin my father was arnold wood.

patrick o sullivan wrote:

I have lived in ireland most of my life. I was born in london. I used to go down to stamford bridge with my dad when i was eight.
I modelled myself on frank blunstone (since i was a natural left footer), there was no one who could match his trickery on the ball, not even george best.
I played for southhall, but left for australia when i was 18 (i was born in 1947). I was quite successful out in australia. The opposing teams used to wait for me after the games were over to teach them treble and quadruple dummies.
I told them all about frank and how i tried my best to emulate him.
The sad thing about it was nobody out in aussie heard about frank. but he was and still is close to my heart. i would sure love to meet him. is he still alive.